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Cold Otsumami

Light and refreshing small dishes, which can be enjoyed before, during or after your barbeque.

-Edamame $5.0
Boiled fresh young soy beans                                                                                                                                                                            

-Wagyu Beef Yukke $12.50
Marinated raw wagu beef with quail egg yolk

-Wasabi Octopus $7.90
Marinated fresh octopus with wasabi and seasame oil.
And varieties of salad etc

Hot Otsumami

Delicious hot side dish which is great to have to experience the taste of Japan.  Such as

-Yasai Tempura $9.50
Deep fried vegetable with light and crispy batter

Wagyu Premium Beef
Premium grade F-1 Black Wagyu Beef, grain fed over 400 days.  The F-1 Black Wagyu can only bred by combining Japanese black cow and Australian Angus cow.  Having unique textures with full flavor, the Wagyu Beef is perfect for the Japanese barbeque.  There are more than 10 selections of different cuts that you may choose from.

Few of the selections are
-Wagyu Tenderloin 100gm $25.00
The prime tender fillet with subtle marble fat texture

-Wagyu Scotch Spencer Roll 100gm $21.90
Also know as scotch roll, the upper back near the shoulder

-Wagyu Rib Finger 150gm $16.90
Stingy area between the ribs, unusual texture with full flavor excellent for grilling

-Wagyu Rump 150gm $17.90
Almost as tender the tenderloin, lean and juicy

Kurobuta Pork
Grain fed Berkshire pork, a very famous and exquisite type of breed, the texture of the meat is tender and juicy with a subtle hint of marble fat

-Pork Scotch 150gm $16.90
Premium cut black haired pork

-Pork Belly 100gm $16.90

All the poultry served are Free Range Organic
-Chicken Thigh Fillet 150gm $14.90
Chicken thigh fillet without skin with a hint of sea salt

-Chicken Breast fillet 100gm $15.90
Chicken breast fillet with a hint of sea salt

-Duck Breast 180gm $24.00
Sliced duck breast fillet with skin


Not only the meat but the seafood is also delectable for Sumiyaki Dinning which is carefully selected daily for you to enjoy the finest.  Having varieties of seafood, we also offer Seafood Platters.

Scallop $13.90 (4 pieces)
Extra large Hokkaidou scallops

Salmon Fillet $18.90 (100gm)
Fresh Altantic Salmon fillet

Snow Crab Leg $18.00
Snow Crab leg from Japan – Hokkaidou

Lobster $35.00
½ Lobster Tail wrapped in foil with sake and butter


Delicately wrapped foil pouches with your choice of vegetables for the barbeque

Mushrooms $7.50
With garlic butter, sake and Yuzu sauce

Eggplant $9.50
With Saikyou Miso


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