“Sumiyaki” it means “Charcoal Grilled” (Sumi meaning charcoal and Yaki meaning grilled) it is a traditional Japanese style of cooking, a charcoal grill will be in the center of the table, fresh ingredients will be served and you get to grill your own ingredients on the table.

Shou Sumiyaki being a well-known Japanese restaurant in Melbourne, we always present and source fresh ingredients for our customer, to ensure an unforgettable experience for our diners. Our charcoal are from Japan, with our smoke-less technology griller, you can enjoy Japanese BBQ in a “smoke-free” environment.

Ingredients are really important when it comes to Japanese BBQ, all our Wagyu Beef are Blackmore Premium Grade F-1 grain fed Black Wagyu Beef, a special breed combining Japanese Black Cow and Australian Angus Cow. The F-1 Black Wagyu is grain fed for over 400 days. Now we also have Kobe Wagyu Beef, imported from Japan, to bring you authentic Japanese Sumiyaki experience.
Welcome to Shou Sumiyaki Sake Bar & Grill Welcome to Shou Sumiyaki #Sake Bar & Grill


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160 Little Bourke St, Melbourne Vic 3000